19 April 2014

13 Today !!!!!

Happy 13th Birthday
Frayer .
Hope you have a great day Princess

18 April 2014

Im in the paper again !!

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What a great way to start the day off , Check Willow out in todays Ashby Times .
Reporter Nick did a lovely article on her Winning my PDSA commendation Award

08 April 2014

I'm in the Burton Mail

Morning everyone ,
What a great way to wake up, I've found Willow's picture in the Burton mail.
A lovely lady called Laura has done a wonderful story about Willow winning her PDSA Commendation award.
If you click the link you can read it online

01 April 2014

WOW what a shock !!!!

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WOW what a shock !!!!

We received a big parcel today. Upon opening it, we found a  frame & certificate with Willow's name on it,
it was from the awards team at the PDSA.

Once a year the PDSA announce awards for animals who have achieved outstanding bravery/devotion.
We had no idea Willow had made it to their boardroom for consideration among so many others.

It seems they have given her a
PDSA Commendation for Animal Bravery or Devotion.
At the bottom it says "being a constant and loyal companion to her owner".

To say we are well chuffed is an understatement.

27 March 2014

New house ,New garden

Checking out our new garden ,We have just moved into a nice new house with lots more room


25 March 2014

Exciting News.

I received a lovely email today from Philippa Howard,
telling me Willow had been nominated for the "Heroic Hound" award for the SuperDogs Live competition, which is part of The London Pet Show.

It takes place at
Earls Court One, London
17 & 18 May 2014.
Please keep your fingers crossed for her and I will let you all know if she makes the final.

09 March 2014

Willow reading to her Deli

Willow showing Grandma Deli the picture of her in this months
Dogs Today Magazine.
 It was a great surprise when we opened it up and saw willow  on pg3 ,the "Dear readers" by Editor Racheal
she was the judge who picked willow for second place in the BUAV "our best friends competition ..