14 March 2015

Family photos

( Frayer )
 Some new up to date photos of us all

Right- Left
Penny  and Robbie

 Left- Right
Misty - Frayer - Penny

Left- Right
Robbie - Misty
 Left -Right
Deli and Willow - Deli

 Left - Right
Willow - Robbie

06 January 2015

R.I.P Jess

It is with great great sadness that I have to tell you all that my lovely girl Jess passed away today. She went to the vet with a lump and they discovered a lot more tumors in her in bad places. I took the decision to let go her now rather than put her through pain and suffering. To say I am heartbroken is a major understatement.
RIP Jessie - The hole you l 
eave in our life is massive.